Year 10 taster days

There are two Year 10 taster days running on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th December.

The aim of the days are to encourage the students to consider mathematics at A level, which, while vital for a maths degree, is also useful for students to have for all STEM disciplines.

There are about 500 students and 50 teachers from 25 schools across Devon and Cornwall signed up over the two days. The days are organized by Dr Jenny Sharp.     Further information about mathematical activities for school students, which are run through out the year,  can be found here.

Some of the activities at the taster days are:

  • The Creation of Number
  • Boat Building
  • Solving the Josephus Problem
  • How seeing patterns can help you solve some problems
  • Breaking the Cipher
  • Guesstimation
  • Games and Probability
  • Experimental Design