Techstars Startup Weekend Health and Wellbeing Plymouth

At the end of April there was a Techstars Startup weekend in Plymouth. The idea is that over a weekend, the attendees form into teams of 3 or 4 people to create a pitch to get funding for a start up company. There are a few talks from entrepreneurs and many short and extremely useful sessions from coaches and mentors.

Craig McNeile from CMS was a participant at the Techstars event, and he worked on a team to develop an idea of using AI in healthcare. There is very detailed description of the event in this blog post.

Stewart Noakes giving an excellent talk on how to approach public during customer validatio

On the Friday night, some people made a 1 minute pitch about an idea they had for a startup. Everyone votes on the ideas and teams are formed around the most popular pitches. The teams work together on developing their startup on Saturday and most of Sunday. Late on Sunday afternoon, the teams make a 5 minute pitch based on the development work they have done over the weekend. This was judged by members of the local tech. business community.

Two winners were chosen by the judges based on the final pitchs

The underlying philosophy of the process of creating the startup was based on the book below:

There are further events like this planned in the future. If you are thinking of forming your company around technology (or just wonder what is involved), they are great way to learn about the process.