Style rules for the CMS blog

General comments on the running the BLOG

  • Craig is in charge of the BLOG, but he doesn’t have time to ask for previews of material. If you are unhappy with a post, then please send him an email. Craig apologizes in advance, but he probably is too busy to be sorry.
  • It may be better to get an account on the BLOG, so you can make your own changes. Please email Antonio for an account.
  • We need material for the BLOG. Please email Craig (or write your own post), when go to conference, or present a seminar, or just do something

General style rules

There is no tone voice for this blog, but below are some guidelines.

  • Avoid the the of capitol letters. (REALLY¬† ??)
  • It is probably better to link peoples names from the CMS site run by Antonio.