Research visitor to CMS

Mathematical Sciences at Plymouth will be hosting the CERN senior research fellow Maxwell Hansen next week, collaborating with Antonio Rago and Argia Rubeo.

He will also be presenting a seminar in the theoretical physics seminar:

Title: Multi-hadron observables from lattice QCD


The strong force is governed by a mathematical framework called quantum
chromodynamics (QCD). The building blocks of QCD are quarks and gluons,
and the interactions of these constituents leads to a rich variety of
observed phenomena. A particularly intriguing aspect of QCD physics is
the nature and behavior of resonances, short-lived states that decay via
the strong force. In this talk I will discuss progress in studying these
states, by calculating multi-hadron scattering observables. This by
achieved by combining field-theoretic ideas with large scale numerical
calculations based in lattice QCD. In particular, I will focus on the
idea of using the finite volume required for numerical calculations as a
tool, rather than an unwanted artifact, to extract dynamical observables
such as two- and three-hadron scattering amplitudes.