Projects in the final year of Mathematics with Education degree

In the final year of the Mathematics with Education degree there are two specialized modules on Education.  Here I will briefly discuss the module: MATH3619 Education Project.

The official description of this module is:

Students have the opportunity to study an area of mathematics education in a final year project. Students work individually and independently, with help and advice from a supervisor, on the chosen topic. The project is assessed through contributions to group discussions and the preparation of a dissertation.

At the end of the second year, the students meet with Dr Jenny Sharp, to discuss their project. The first stage is a big literature review on some aspect of teaching mathematics. The students start reading papers on teaching mathematics over the summer. The literature review generates a question that is tested in a small scale study in the final year of study.

Some of the typical topics are

  • Visual and audio communication in the teaching of mathematics.
  • Peer assisted learning.
  • Students with dyscalculia.
  • Comparing different mathematics qualifications

The results of the project are written up as a dissertation.