Poster session for 3rd year projects

An important part of the final year in a mathematics degrees is working on an individual project. A topic and supervisor is chosen. The student does research into an area of mathematics, statistics, or physics that they are interested in. On Wednesday 8th May there was a poster session, where the students explained their work using a poster they had created. Staff members, other students and representatives from industry viewed the posters and then they asked questions.

Below is a partial list of topics of the posters:

  • Relativistic Charge Dynamics in Electromagnetic Fields
  • Elliptic Curves and Cryptography
  • Gravitational Waves
  • The Path Integral Formalism
  • Investigation of ONS Personal Well-being Data Using Data Visualisation and Data Mining Techniques
  • How Risk Theory is used within the Actuarial Profession
  • Statistical techniques for Financial Asset Management

Students who have identified a topic of particular interest have the opportunity to study it in a final year project. Students work individually and independently, with help and advice from a supervisor, on the chosen topic. The project is assessed through presentations and the preparation of a dissertation. This is a major piece of work and the project counts as two modules

The official description of the content of a third year student project.