Plenary talk at the international lattice 2017 conference

Soon all the students will have taken their exams and submitted their final coursework. Over the summer, the staff have more time to work on their research. An important activity is sharing results at international conferences. In the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Plymouth University, there are four researchers who work in the field of lattice QCD.

Every year the progress in the field of lattice field theory is reviewed at large international conference. This year the lattice 2017 conference is in Granda Spain. Typically between 300 and 400 people attend this conference. There are various different types of presentations made at a large conference: poster, parallel talk, and plenary talk.  A plenary talk is presented to the all the people attending the conference and is the most prestigious type of talk.

This year Dr. Antonio Rago from the center is presenting a plenary talk,      to the over 300 strong audience of the lattice conference, with the title: Lattice QCD on new chips: a community summary.