PhD positions in CMS

We are advertisng a number of PhD positions in CMS starting in October 2020. Details of the projects and how to apply are in the links below:

Final year group project with Plymouth Community Homes

In the final year Mathematical Statistics in Context module, a group of students is using their statistical and analytical skills to answer questions in social housing in collaboration with the Plymouth Community Homes. Apart from having the opportunity to work on a real-world case study, students have had the opportunity to visit the company, as part of their project, to gain understanding about business background at the workplace.

Paper on road safety

The Mathematical Science group has a strong track record of applying statistics methods to improve and study road safety.  Recently, our Julian Stander joined forces with excellent colleagues in the School of Psychology
to publish a paper in the journal Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour entitled “Evaluating the effectiveness of a young driver-education intervention: Learn2Live”.  This paper reports that
a fear-based road safety intervention had an effect on decreasing young drivers’ attitudes towards risky driving and that young drivers preferred a peer-led educational road safety intervention experience, rather than
an adult-led intervention experience.

6th Edition of Modern Engineering Mathematics

The 6th Edition of Modern Engineering Mathematics has just been published.  This is one of the most popular textbooks amongst all students of engineering worldwide.  Phil Dyke (Professor of Applied Mathematics) is the editor, succeeding Glyn James who sadly died last year.  Matthew Craven (Lecturer in Applied Mathematics) and Yinghui Wei (Associate professor of Statistics) helped produce this new edition, available from 26th February 2020.  Its production follows a year of hard work.

Two recent papers

Recently two papers have been published by members of CMS and their collaborators.

The common theme linking both papers is the use of randomised algorithms in optimization problems.

A career fair for all mathematics students

Today there was a career conference for the mathematics undergraduate at the University of Plymouth, which was organized by Dr. Malgorzata Wojtys and Pippa Waller.

There were talks by graduates of the school of mathematics and other industry representatives, which gave insight into their careers and advice to the current students.

There were two workshops at the conference

Secrets of successful assessment centres with Babcock International

Get the measure of psychometric tests:

Comprehensive Analysis of Innovate Activities in Science and Technology

Prof Li Zhang from Yunnan University, China, visited the University of Plymouth for a few months. Before she left, she presented a talk on her research in the statistics seminar.

Comprehensive Analysis of Innovate Activities in Science and Technology

Date/Time: Wednesday, 29 January 2020, 4pm,

Li Zhang, Yunnan University, China

The purpose of this research is to provide a set of statistical methods for administrative authority who organizes and evaluates innovate activities in science and technology. Statistical methods can be used to describe innovate activities, evaluate the innovators, and extract information from the large and sparse data, in order to help administrative authority to develop effective science and technology policy.

With a case study on the evaluation of 31 districts in China, this research includes the following aspects:

·         Establish an indicator system about innovate input, output and environment.

·         Describe the quantitative features of indicators by data visualization and summary statistics.

·         Create composite indicators to evaluate the innovate activities across 31 districts in China.