Outreach event in June

Dr. Jenny Sharp runs many masterclasses in mathematics for school students. At the end of June, there was a 1 day mathematics event run at the University of Plymouth aimed at year 9 students. There were just under 100 students from schools all over Devon and Cornwall and 6 accompanying teachers. The following activities were presented.

Activity 1: Sam Durbin, Royal Institution of Great Britain – How to win – the mathematics of games

Activity 2: Margaret Harding, AMSP – Prime Number Properties

Activity 3: Maths with Education students, Plymouth University – Magic Squares

Activity 4: Luke Cole, Saltash School – How long is a piece of string – Fractal geometry

Activity 5: Suki Honey, Plymouth University – Mathematical Origami

The plenary session was entitled “The Storm of the Century – Using data to anticipate extreme climate events” and the speaker was the RSS William Guy Lecturer for this year.