Mathematics taster days for year 12 students.

The taster day was a day when visiting school students (year 12) can visit the University of Plymouth to work on a variety of projects. The students worked on a different projects for 1 hour with different teams of lecturers. The day was organized by Jenny Sharp.

The three activities delivered were:

Activity 1: Proofs in Mathematics – Matthew Craven
Learning mathematics is much easier when it is understood where the results come from. In this workshop, we will look at techniques of proving mathematical formulae and results. We will also look at how NOT to prove these results. Expect to be challenged.

Activity 2: Wave power and wave scour – Dave Simmonds, Pete Arber, Long-yuan Li
Students will be shown around the internationally known COAST wave energy research laboratory, to discover how engineers are working to tackle climate change through the realisation of clean energy production. They will also get their (wet) hands on an experiment in the Coastal basin that seeks to explain and tackle an important engineering problem.

Activity 3: How not to add fractions – Colin Christopher
In this workshop you will investigate sequences of fractions in order of size – Farey Sequences.