Mathematics enrichment

A crucial part of our school’s goal of increasing the interest in mathematics of school children are the mathematics master classes run by Dr. Jenny Sharp. An overview of the classes can be found here.

The mathematics masterclass, at Plymouth University, is a complete programme for students aged 9 to 15 who are able and interested in mathematics.

Some of the topics covered earlier this year were:

  • From Flowers to Fine Art. An investigation into a remarkable number. Jenny Sharp
  • The Greatest Problem of the Human Race. An introduction to the exponential function. Martin Lavelle
  • Conjecture and Proof. What do you think and is it true? Matthew Craven.
  • Biggest and Best? An introduction to linear programming. Luke Cole
  • A Mathematical Medley A circus of activities

The classes are part of a nationwide programme of mathematics masterclasses under the umbrella of the Royal Institution – see