Interact 2019

It is important that physicists do outreach, public engagement and science communication about their research. However, apart from giving popular talks about physics it is no clear what else can be done.

On 4 September 2019, STFC, IOP, SEPnet, RSC, RAS, Ogden Trust and UCLAN are organizing an engagement symposium for the physical sciences.

The event will cover

  • Evaluation and impact and REF 2021: How to do effective evaluation and demonstrate impact, sharing case studies, what worked for REF and what didn’t. Looking forward to REF 2021
  • Reaching under-served audiences: Working with the right  partners, raising  your skills and working with STEM influencers to reach low science capital audiences
  • Schools outreach: How to work with young audiences  and inspire them
  • Sharing best and worst practice in a safe space : Understanding your audience, reflective practice and what constitutes high-quality public engagement

Craig McNeile from Plymouth is attending the event.