Poster on using statistical models to understand child eye development

A poster reporting research on using statistical models to understand child eye development was recently presented by Charlotte Taglioni at the International Society for Bayesian Analysis 2016 World Meeting that   took place in Sardinia, Italy. The research was done in collaboration with Dr. Julian Stander and Dr. Luciana Dalla Valle from the CMS at Plymouth University.

Charlotte spent one of her undergraduate years with us in Plymouth under the Erasmus scheme and then returned last year under Erasmus Plus Traineeship, work with Luciana and Julian on  the work that is reported in the poster “Using Statistical Models to Understand Child Eye Development”.  Charlotte is now doing a PhD at the University of Padova,



There is a copy of the poster below:





Talk at conference on computer algebra

Computer algebra is crucial to many applications in mathematics and science.  At Plymouth University the students are taught and can download the Maple computer algebra system from Maplesoft. Computer algebra is also important for research into mathematics. For example, next week, Dr. Daniel Robertz from the CMS at Plymouth is participating in the conference “Applications of Computer Algebra” in Kassel, Germany.

He is presenting talks in the two sessions:


Summer visitor to CMS

During the summer many of the research groups in the CMS have external visitors, who collaborate on research projects. This summer Andrea Baldino is visiting Dr. Julian Stander and other members of the statistics research group. Last year  Andrea Baldino  visited CMS funded by the Erasmus Plus Traineeship scheme.

Pictures of graduating students in 2016

Below are two pictures of the final year students in 2016 and staff members from  the Mathematics programs in the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at Plymouth University.

Mathematics final year students  *** Local Caption *** Maths final year students  SoCEM
Final year Mathematics  students from  SoCEM in 2016.