Perspectives on data, information, and mathematics

On Wednesday 7th of November there was a special colloquium on mathematics at the University of Plymouth.

Perspectives on data, information, and mathematics

Speaker: Professor Arieh Iserles (University of Cambridge)

Abstract: The data and information revolution is changing our lives:
the way we socialise, shop, elect our leaders and conduct our
research. Its impact ranges across all different academic
disciplines. Yet, its engine room is mathematics—a set of emerging
methodologies in statistics, computation and pure mathematics. In this
talk I will attempt to explain in a non-technical manner this New
Brave World, demystify phrases like “deep learning”, “imaging”,
“sparse recovery” and “inverse problems”, describing how mathematics
is transforming “Big Data” and how “Big Data” is transforming

Video of lecture: Statistical Problem Solving: the Art and Science of Learning and Teaching from Data

Prof. Christine Franklin School Statistics Ambassador American Statistical Association. * Improve your teaching of statistical problem solving and data literacy * Discover the art and science of learning and teaching from data * Improve ways to teach statistics in AS- and A-level Mathematics * Help teaching quantitative methods in social science subjects * Take away useful teaching resources * A chance of a copy of Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data Royal Statistical Society South West Group University of Plymouth Tuesday 18 September 2018
The video of the lecture is below: