Undergraduate projects for 2018-2019

Although we are are at the start of the exam period for the 2017-2018 academic  year, we are starting to plan the teaching activities for the 2018-2019 year. As with many degrees, the students have the option to do a project in the final year of their degree.  The project allows the student to do research in a project of their choice, which is supervised by a staff member. The system has changed this year, so that the project is worth 40 credits and lasts the entire year.

Students select their topic and supervisor and they start to do background reading in the topic over the summer.  The topics the students will be working on next year are below, with the staff member supervising the project.

Supervisor                           Working Title

  • Nathan Broomhead,  Reflection groups and root systems
  • Tom Heinzl,  Relativistic Charge Dynamics in Electromagnetic Fields
  • Matthew Craven,  Computational Hardness of Base Problems in Cryptography
  • Vincent Drach, The Path Integral Formalism
  • Gosia Wojtys, Investigation of ONS Personal Well-being Data Using Data Visualisation and Data Mining Techniques
  • Daniel Robertz, An investigation into sets of primes with a common difference and consecutive primes in arithmetic progression
  • Matthew Craven, Assessing the security of cryptographic primitives for infinite groups
  • Gosia Wojtys, How Risk Theory is used within the Actuarial Profession
  • Alesandro Cardinali, Statistical techniques for Financial Asset Management
  • Nathan Broomhead, Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Talk at Environmental Forces meeting.

Raphael Stuhlmeier has been invited to give a talk at the 113th meeting of the Society for Underwater Technology’s meeting on Environmental Forces, on May 24th at St. Peter’s College, Oxford. Raphael will be presenting recent research on “Stability and evolution of non-homogeneous ocean surface waves”, more details of which can be found in the January issue on “Nonlinear water waves” of Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A