Complex Analytic Geometry

Dr. Marina Logares   is presenting her research at the Discussion Meeting on “Complex Analytic Geometry (CAG)” March 26 – 30, 2018 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India.

Complex analytic geometry is a very broad area of mathematics straddling differential geometry, algebraic geometry and analysis. Much of the interactions between mathematics and theoretical physics, especially string theory, channels through complex analytic  geometry.

Student talks on their projects

A very important module for the third year students in our school is called Mathematical Sciences in Context.  There are similar modules in the Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Theoretical Physics, Mathematics with Finance and Mathematics with High Performance Computing degrees.

In this module, students work in teams of 4 on a structured, but open ended project in an advanced topic related to their degree. For projects with marks above 70%, there is the possibility of publishing an article in the Plymouth Student Scientist journal.      For example, see this article   on the Riemann hypothesis.


On Wednesday 14th March all the students on the module made 20 minute presentations on their projects, to the staff on the module and other interested students.

To give an insight into the topics covered, the list of talk titles is below.

60th British Applied Mathematics Colloquium

Plymouth University will be well represented at the 60th British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, held at the University of St. Andrews from March 26th to 29th. Norjan Jumaa and Seemaa Mohammed will be giving talks, and Zainab Bu Sinnah presenting a poster, related to the lattice-Boltzmann method with applications to fluid flow, under the supervision of Dr. David Graham. Ruaa Wana will give a talk about work done on smoothed particle hydrodynamics and applications to tsunami generation, supervised by Dr. Jason Hughes and in collaboration with Dr. Alison Raby of Plymouth’s COAST Lab. Omar Al-Tameemi, also under the supervision of Dr. David Graham, will present work on the virtual source method for numerical simulations of nonlinear water waves. Dr. Raphael Stuhlmeier will present work on the nonlinear interaction of random sea-surface waves.

The website for the conference, with more information and abstracts is here:

Award for best paper on teaching statistics

 Our Dr Luciana Dalla Valle and Dr Julian Stander are delighted to have been awarded the Journal of Statistical Education Best Paper Award 2017 for their paper “On Enthusing Students About Big Data and Social Media Visualization and Analysis Using R, RStudio, and RMarkdown”.

The Chair of the Journal of Statistical Education Best Paper Panel wrote “The Committee agreed that your paper was the clear winner”. The paper shares the authors’ experiences of teaching Data Science at the University of Plymouth.

Tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking

Professor of Theoretical Physics David McMullan was interviewed on BBC Radio Devon on Wednesday following the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. David spoke about his own experiences of giving a talk as a PhD student with Professor Hawking in the audience. He also discussed the enduring impact of some of Professor Hawking’s most enduring discoveries.

You can listen to the interview here.

Visit from researcher from the University of Rome

Professor Brunero Liseo from the University of Rome visited our Drs  Luciana Dalla Valle and Julian Stander to conduct research  on a project  entitled “High-Dimensional Bayesian Dependence Modelling
with Conditional Copulas” supported by a Royal Society grant.
One of the aims of the project is to use statistical models to providing a better understanding of how children’s eyes develop.  Because of the bad weather caused by Storm Emma, Brunero had to delay his return to Rome,  providing the team with an additional day to collaborate on the project.