Mathematics event at Plymouth

On Friday 23rd June, Dr Jenny Sharpe  organized a mathematics event for over 120 year 9 students from over 40 schools from across Devon and Cornwall.

The students were those who attended the year 9 Ri masterclasses in the spring here at Plymouth, at Truro and at Exeter. There were also students who did not attend the masterclasses but had been invited via UKMT as having done particularly well in the Maths Challenge. They are split into small groups and do a number of activities during the day.

Matthew Craven, Yinghui Wei and Julian Sanders ran one hour sessions for the visiting students. Sessions were also run by Keith Gadd, Kerry Burnham from Exeter Maths School, Sam Durbin from the Royal Institution and Margaret Harding from the Further Maths Support Programme.

At the end of the day, there were two plenary lectures by Jeff Ralph from the Royal Statistical Society and Sam Durban – Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Jeff Ralph is the  RSS William Guy Lecturer for 2017-2018. Dr Jeff Ralph is a senior methodologist at the Office for National Statistics (ONS).His talk was ’Society and Teenagers: How statistics reveal the changes in young people’s lives through the last century‘, which explores the way analysis of our daily lives provides insights into how society has changed, and is changing for young people. This includes the role that official statistics play in understanding what we buy, how we are educated and how long we live.