Lectures at summer school about “Extreme Light Infrasructure”,

Dr Anton Ilderton will be lecturing at “ELISS 2017“, the summer school of the EU’s “Extreme Light Infrasructure”, a multi-national initiative in next generation lasers. The aims of the school, which will be held in Cheile Gradisei, Romania, in August, is to introduce PhD students and postdocs to the exciting area of intense laser-matter interactions. Anton will be lecturing on “light by light scattering and vacuum birefringence”; these are hithertoo unobserved quantum processes in which the theoretical physics group at Plymouth have world-leading expertise. Anton will be talking both about the theory underlying light by light scattering and also prospects for observing the process at the Extreme Light Infrastructure.”

Anton’s lectures will be based on the following papers:

Visitor to theoretical physics group

Visitor: “Dr Daniel Seipt from Lancaster University & The Cockroft Institute is currently visiting the centre for three weeks. Daniel received his PhD from the Hemholtz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf in 2012 and moved to Lancaster in 2016. During his visit Daniel will be working with the theoretical physics group on various topics in the areas of quantum field theory in external fields, and intense laser-matter interactions.”

See here for a recent presentation by Dr. Seipt.