Update on the analysis of facebook data about the EU Referendum.

The EU referendum about whether the UK should stay in or leave the EU is this coming Thursday. The polls are close and everyone is trying to guess what the decision of the electorate will be. A team of researchers in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Plymouth University has updated their analysis of facebook data about the  EU Referendum.

Julian StanderLuciana Dalla Valle and John Eales are members of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Plymouth University, where Andrea Baldino worked in 2015 supported by the Erasmus+Traineeships Programme. Julian Stander is associate professor (reader) in mathematics and statistics, Luciana Dalla Valle is lecturer in statistics and John Eales is associate head for teaching and learning in the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics. Mario Cortina Borja is chairman of the Significance editorial board, and professor of biostatistics in the Population, Policy and Practice Programme, UCL Institute of Child Health.



Dr Colin Christopher elected to University Senate

Plymouth University has recently reviewed its governance and decided
to enhance the role of the ‘academic voice.’ As part of this process a
body called the Academic Board was updated to form a Senate for the
University. Elections were recently held and we are pleased to announce
that Dr Colin Christopher , from the Centre of Mathematical Sciences,
was elected to serve in the newly formed Senate to represent the
Faculty of Science and Engineering.